Opinion: Huobi Global and XT.COM indicates interest in listing Pi Network’s $Pi but what will be the value of PiCoin when finally listed?

The value of $Pi has been the subject of a trending debate, with the vast majority of participants adhering to the hotly contested Global Consensus Value (GCV), which chatroom moderators have labeled a hoax.

Economic experts demonstrated with strong evidence that PiCoin’s value can never be the projected $314,159, which was erroneously obtained from the mathematical constant for π.

When the Mainnet launches, Huobi Global and XT.COM plan to list Pi, the native token of the Pi Network. This has raised questions about the token’s value peg.

Experts’ perspectives on cryptocurrencies

The number of nodes is a reliable measure of a cryptocurrency’s value. Node count is a measurement of how many active wallets are present on the network and are searchable online or on a currency’s home page. One can look at a currency’s node count and total market capitalization, then compare those two figures to those of other cryptocurrencies, to determine whether or not its price is reasonable.

This might help you determine whether a coin has been overbought. Node Count also demonstrates how robust a cryptocurrency’s community is. The community is stronger the more nodes there are. Knowing this is crucial for estimating the likelihood that the currency will survive crises.

The opinions of financial experts

Anything that can be traded, including all of the market’s digital currencies, has its value determined in large part by supply and demand. Bitcoin’s price will increase, for instance, if more individuals are seeking to purchase them than are willing to sell them, and vice versa. And because the supply of many cryptocurrencies is constrained, rising demand has been pushing up prices.

The demand for a coin, however, might drop extremely quickly if it experiences scandals like significant hacking attacks or if it becomes well acknowledged as a fake. Because many traders and miners desire to cash in on their gains, a domino effect could happen and the price of a cryptocurrency could drop even more. Such occurrences can also be felt across multiple cryptocurrencies. For instance, a decline in the price of Bitcoin has frequently resulted in a correction of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

The inflation of fiat currencies

A fiat currency’s value would decline if the price of bitcoin increased in relation to it. This is because using your Bitcoins to purchase more of that currency will be advantageous. Since the FED, ECB, and other central banks have been producing money at an increasing rate and maintaining artificially low interest rates, this phenomena is still present today.

Mass adoption

A currency’s value may skyrocket if it becomes widely used. This is due to the fact that the entire supply of the majority of cryptocurrencies is finite, and an increase in demand directly causes a rise in price.

But what other conditions must exist before the general public fully adopts cryptocurrencies? One is the extent to which cryptocurrencies may be used in everyday life, or the number of locations that accept them as a form of payment. A cryptocurrency will be in a very excellent position to potentially play a significant role in the future if it has a use case in everyday life similar to today’s fiat currencies.

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