Omega Network: How to buy Omega Token during the upcoming IFO pre-seed sale period

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In order to raise money for its costs, Omega Network, a brand-new cryptocurrency mining project, stated that it would begin selling its Initial Farming Offering (IFO). Pre-seed sales are available from February 22 through March 22 and are priced at $0.11.

The project team indicated in a tweet that Omega Network would initiate the sale utilizing their Web3 platform, and a link will be made accessible whenever the time for the sale is due.

The following steps will show you how to use Metamask or Trust Wallet to purchase Omega tokens during the upcoming pre-seed sale:

Step 1. Login in your wallet on your phone device. You can use a meta mask/ Trust wallet. Use BMB Smart chain network

Step 2. Switch to the web browser in metamask, Choose “Menue” then select “browser”

Step 3. Select for purchasing omega token website. Choose “browser” and type ”

Step 4. Connect with your wallet : switch the homepage of the purchasing omega token

Select ” Menue” select ” connect wallet now; and select ” connect”

Step 5. Purchasing omega token: After successfully connecting to your wallet, return to the homepage “home” and choose ” buy token now”

Step 6. Set Amount of omega token you would like to purchase. Choose the payment method . (You can use BUSD, USDT) Sellect “select token” and “Approve”.

Step 7. Confirm the transaction. Sellect ” Approve” once more. A successful payment notification will be displayed on your phone screen

Step 8. Check number of token purchased: Turn off the token purchase table. Choose ” menu” select ” vesting dashboard”. The number of token you bought is displayed.

About Omega Network

Omega Network is built for blockchain technology in order to provide an open internet platform and a Dapp ecosystem (decentralized application). The goal is to bring these blockchain applications—such as blockchain social networks, e-commerce, Web3, and e-wallets—to reality

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