Black Magician’s spell brought living skeleton on stage leaving Judges and Audience in total state of fear

It makes sense why they assert that the art of black magic is unrivaled. Witches and magicians no longer need to conceal themselves in bushes or behind gnarled trees in order to cast spells and perform feats. They are already popular, even in America.

You’d never know if the man in the suit working at the bank was actually a magician. In today’s society, black magic is gradually becoming accepted without being labeled as a fetish. Today, black magic craft is discussed on a variety of social media platforms, particularly TikTok, with a focus on casting love spells, getting ex-partners back, revenge spells, and a variety of them. Unbelievably, there are many testimonies on its efficacy.

Let’s talk about the enigmatic magician who appeared on America Got Talent a few weeks ago. A man entered the stage while dressed in black jeans, a hooded shirt, a skin hand glove, and a mask covering his face. The large cheering crowd could already make out a mind-blowing magic performance.

He was a very kind man who waved everyone back in thanks and made polite greeting gestures. The ambiance that follows is what, in my opinion, added to the show’s fright factor. He made a right turn, squatted a little like a goalkeeper attempting to grab the ball, and then started to wriggle his finger tips with both hands at chest height. Suddenly, a lighter flew from his hands and struck the wall. next to him, and after around 5 more, “a skeletal form” started to emerge through the wall.

The judges shouted in shock and terror. The moment a skeletal figure emerged from the wall and was standing there, fully Alive, blinking its large, terrible eyes and even making hand gestures, the crowd went absolutely nuts. We are now all applauding together.

With gestures, the magician thanks everyone for appreciating his magic once more. It is clear that he is about to perform another magic, and I am so excited to see it. In case I didn’t mention it, we were all perplexed when he started to converse with the eerie item using his hands and fingers. While everyone else was attempting to figure out what this strange conversation was about, he held out his two palms, and a typewriter appeared into them. A skeleton is present, and now a typewriter, right? Technology has influenced education in some way, right? So, let’s see.

I believe I was correct! He gives it to the ghost that has a zombie-like appearance but also strikes me as a skeleton, and it starts typing really quickly. There are many additional magical acts he will perform that will either convince you that black magic exists or will make you applaud him for this superb live technology trick.

Kindly complete the story by watching the video below 👇🏿


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