The secrets of world’s Top Five famous magic tricks finally revealed

We have witnessed numerous magic feats performed on stage during talent competitions, and the majority of them actually look too real to be a fake.

In the end, it would be the magicians who would give us the hilarious tale. The Top Five most well-known magic tricks in the world will be evaluated by us.

1. The famous cups and Balls trick

With his personality-driven magic acts, Mat Franco is a badass magician that can astonish anyone in the world. His amazing storytelling abilities allowed him to move glasses around the tables as he demonstrated a trick involving three glasses and small balls that kept disappearing during a magic presentation. He then brings three sizable tennis balls to life within the glasses to round off his act. How was this achieved by him?

This act is comparable to the well-known “cups and balls” trick, and the key to this trick is when Mat shows that the first glass is empty. He continually grabbed new balls and swapped glasses under the table, so not all of the glasses were empty to begin with.

2 .Sacred Riana zombie box illusion

Prepare to be startled because Riana’s final act on Asia Got Talent is the most anticipated of all the others. She brings a box that is placed in the middle of the stage. Following her confirmation that the box is empty and empty of anything inside, she continues with her magic ritual when suddenly, a zombie appears from inside the box. When the zombie opens the box to look for her, she has vanished and the box is empty. Then, the zombie appears behind one of the judges and frightens the living daylights out of her. How this this happen?

There is little doubt that her assistants are all zombies, but where did they come from? The concealed object is in the box’s back, behind a wall. Also, if you look closely, there is a tiny square with a make-up design, and the wall’s color matches the box’s hue. This tiny square is what permits the zombie to enter the box; it may be opened and closed like a flap. Before the zombies arrived on stage, they were all hiding behind the walls. The square opening in the wall is not closed, confirming the fact that there is a hidden passageway, and one by one, the zombies enter the box through that opening. The character Riana vanishes.

How? The fog on the stage was strategically placed to look beautiful and keep the zombie shadows from reflecting. The design of the stage is similar to that of the eight enormous screens that surround it. This was done to create an optical illusion that would make it more difficult for the audience to understand and simpler for Riana to divert their attention.

3. The shrinking card illusion

Be. Hart once performed an amazing trick on Britain Got Talent in which he removed the top card from a deck of cards, put it in his pocket, folded the card into dust, and then blew the dust into the air. How could he effortlessly fold the card to dust?

Here is the trick With the exception of the first downsizing of the deck, he forcefully removes the other smaller deck from his pocket, remembering to keep the topmost card there. We are now at the first card decreasing. He was slipping the larger cards into his pocket each time he reached into his pocket.

4. The mysterious mind reading trucks

The magician Colin Cloud, noted for his ability to read minds performed a trick on America’s Got Talent when he claimed to have witnessed a murder that had occurred just by accident. He simply invites Simon Cowell to leave the stage and instructs him to sit on a bench. He also instructs the audience to navigate naughty memories in their minds. He then selects a random audience member and calls her to the stage, instructing her to write any justification for killing Simon Cowell. Simon is instructed to choose any audience member, and he successfully guesses her memory. He then asks the other audience member to choose a knife from a variety of other knives, and he correctly guesses the color of her choice.

He brought a woman to the platform so she could stab Simon with the knife, but it turned out to be a fake rubber knife. Also, it transpires that the additional knives were genuine. So how did he eventually save Simon by reading the minds of three members of the audience?

Here’s the secret: He uses mind tricks and is an expert at them. At one point, he chooses a girl and reads her thoughts, which coincide with the man’s finances who is seated in front of her. She wasn’t a stud, but she was made to play along with instructions to help finish the act. How did the magician predict her name and reaction? Simon wanted to choose from another angle of the hall, but the magician pointed his hand to the same angle for about nine seconds, signaling that it had to be from the same audience group. Instructions on the sheet of paper advised not to ponder too much and to simply follow along. It inquires about name, job, and academic background. The knife? The knives are all real the first time he displays them, however the chosen knife was substituted amid the trickery.

5. Girl on a sword trick

Chris Angel asks the girl to participate in his cruel prank, and when she agrees, he uses magic to render her comatose. As a few onlookers lifted her and balanced her on four swords, Chris took three of the swords away, leaving the girl in the air while balanced on the sole remaining sword. How is that even possible? By now, you must have surmised that the secret is hidden in one weapon. When the girl is going to be placed on one of the four upright swords, the camera angle changes precisely at that instant while the audience are also participating in the trick. A mechanism is placed underneath the girl during the transition, and underneath her clothing is a sturdy support. The sword that is fastened to the support system underneath her clothing provides the support. The girl can be supported by this device, which also gives the impression that she is floating in the air.

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