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Nicolas Kokkalis: We are using KYC to solve prevalent issues of Spam bolt and fake accounts

Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, the founder and head of technology at Pi Network, discussed how to demonstrate people’s humanity in a society that is moving toward artificial intelligence (AI).

The lifelong technologist asserts that real people are necessary for digital communities. Although they can increase user numbers, AI-powered algorithms can also cause issues. The enormous frequency of spam bots and phony accounts is one issue. Using Know Your Customer to confirm human identification is one technique to resolve this problem (KYC). In his post, Nicolas made clear reference to the native Pi Network KYC solution.

“Communities, even (and especially) digital communities, need people. But how can you prove their humanity at scale? In the case of Pi Network, a massive global community powered by the world’s most distributed mobile-mined cryptocurrency, the secret has been balancing the intrigue of high-tech with the people. We found success through creating a native KYC solution,” Dr. Kokkalis wrote.

The native KYC solution for Pi Network blends human and scientific truths with machine automation and human verification for precise outcomes. Automated processing of images includes text extraction, bogus ID detection, and image comparison. Human verification is carried out by people who have been pre-approved, ensuring that false accounts are not created.

92.6% of the world’s population is covered by Pi KYC’s autonomous human validation workforce, which operates in more than 200 countries. This safeguard guards against spam accounts and false Pioneers, preserving its vast community.

In conclusion, Pi Network has created a decentralized KYC method to effectively create an AI-era crypto community that complies with the law. Additionally, the system provides accuracy in verification, global accessibility, and privacy. For further details, see this link to read Nicolas’ whole post on the Pi Application.



Written by T.I Ukende

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