MONDAY becomes officially recognized as the worst day of the week by Guinness World Record

The official Twitter account of Guinness World Records posted the tweet on Monday and it has received more than 4.28 lakh likes.

If you have a mundane nine-to-five job, then the chances of you hating Mondays are pretty high, especially after a fun-filled weekend. With a majority of people in a holiday mood with no deadlines to meet on Sunday, it is hard for them to get back into a work-mode groove at sharp 9 am the very next day. Hence, Mondays more or less have the dubious distinction of being the most hated day for many.

The same feeling was vouched by the Guinness World Records, which tweeted that it is “officially giving Monday the record of the worst day of the week”. The Guinness World Records expectedly posted the tweet Monday and it resonated with netizens who also expressed similar sentiments.[irp]

“We’re officially giving monday the record of the worst day of the week,” the Guinness World Records tweeted.

The tweet has received more than 4.28 lakh likes and 79,000 retweets so far.

“I take mondays off just for this reason,” commented a Twitter user to which Guinness World Records replied “smart”. “Took you long enough,” posted another. “What about Wednesday? It sounds weird,” wrote another.

“Petition for Mondays to be banned so after the next Monday we will be Tuesday, we ban that also because it following Sunday , so Everyday After Sunday will be banned and we only have a Sunday,” read another comment.

“If you get your Mondays right, you get the rest of the week right,” posted another netizen. “Question. Since when wasn’t Monday the worst day of the week in the first place?” said yet another. “That feeling of Sunday evening is much more worst than Monday morning,” shared another person.


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