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Mainnet Launch: Is CORE a Good choice Investment in 2023?

The groundbreaking concept CORE has gained significant market momentum and buzz. It is an excellent project overall with great potential for long-term investment.

Additionally, many CEXs have already listed CORE tokens for spot trading, including KuCoin, Huobi, and MEXC. Users must, however, plan a suitable exit strategy before investing.

It’s also crucial to discuss any investing ideas with your financial advisor. This material is not intended to serve as financial advice.

Nevertheless, because the Mainnet is currently operational, there is very little risk associated with investing in CORE. Users should exercise caution and limit their trading to reputable exchanges to avoid being prevented from selling after making a purchase at a high price.

What is Core DAO?

CoreDAO is the official decentralized organization in charge of the development of the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. They are creating Web 3 infrastructure for the future and public chain promotions.

It is a Turing-complete blockchain that leverages the Bitcoin mining hashrate and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Furthermore, it runs on a new consensus mechanism, the Satoshi Plus. Satoshi Plus employs a protocol-driven validator election process. It combines the best characteristics of PoW and DPoS to maximize security, scalability, and decentralization.


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