LUMI EXCHANGE: Fartfin digibank becomes first exchange platform to integrate AKL amongst it’s numerous currencies

LUMI EXCHANGE: Fartfin digibank becomes first exchange platform to integrate AKL amongst it’s numerous currencies

The newly created Eco-6 Regional Currency (the African Kingdom’s Lumi) may soon become a “sort for” currency in the African Continental market.

As the promotion of the currency is still ongoing, many financial institutions across Africa are warming up to embrace the powerful currency that is expected to erase Africa’s alarming debts and to also uplift poor and vulnerable Africans from poverty.

Fartfin Digibank, an online platform believed to be domiciled in Nigeria has just integrated the Lumi Currency on its exchange portal. This is coming few days to the Lumi’s first year anniversary where the Eco-6 Sub-Regional president H.R.H Timothy Elisha McPherson is expected to give keynote on the future of the Lumi and the currency’s promotional journey so far.

The anniversary conference is expected to take place on the 29th of October 2021 as a virtual conference. Other dignitaries to grace the occasion are Dr. Linus Etube who is the CEO of the Swifin Platform, Ndileka Mandela who is the Co-founder of the Mandrolli Auto and Mr. Martin Wiseman, the CEO of the Africa Royal Bank.

Fartfin Digibank is charging an exchange fee of 6% but what is not clear is how AKL will be transferred from Swifin Platform to Fartfin Digibank. However we do believe and hope that the both platforms will collaborate to solve the swap challenge.

Kindly visit the link below to get started. Be cautious that newsway does not guarantee 100% certainty of the Fartfin Digibank platform to perform any transaction at this stage we only stumbled on it.


Written by T.I Ukende

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