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JUST IN: SuperEX to list XEN trading pair with USDT; open deposit and withdrawal on January 12th

The XEN/USDT trading pair will be listed and open for deposits and withdrawals on the SuperEX cryptocurrency trading platform today, January 12, at 9:00. (UTC). This was disclosed to the community earlier today.

The total number of tokens to be issued, according to information made accessible to the community, is “unlimited,” and as at the time of writing of this report, none are currently in use.

Source: A screenshot of the announcement

XEN is a virtual mining project built by the whole people. Everyone only needs to interact with the contract to start mining.

XEN is anticipated to develop into a community-created, encrypted asset that unites all those who share the same viewpoint. A virtual mining machine is XEN. You can mine more coins the earlier you join. Select a mining time. When the allotted number of days has passed, you can claim it or destroy it. Once you’ve gotten it, you can keep mining and staking.

About SuperEX

The primary services provided by SuperEx are trading in cryptocurrencies, trading in derivatives, and decentralized high-security storage for digital assets. As well as promoting cutting-edge services like DeFi, NFTs, savings, mining, stocks, etc.

The first Web 3.0 cryptocurrency exchange in the world, SuperEx offers the easiest user interface for anyone to utilize when trading cryptocurrencies. The goal of SuperEx is to develop business models and technological solutions based on Web 3.0 that enable decentralization of user assets and transactions, decentralization of the platform team, and complete decentralization of rights, promoting user community autonomy, and enabling billions of users to interact with cryptocurrencies and enter the Web 3.0 crypto world together.


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