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JUST IN: Pi Coin not among the 33 delisted tokens on Huobi

T.I Ukende
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Due to violations of a few specific platform rules, Huobi Global is said to have delisted 33 coins from its trading platform. Despite the Pi Core Team’s determination that the counterfeit IOU should be removed from the exchanges that have listed Pi because it was described as potentially misleading and people who could transact with the token face the possibility of losing their assets.

The Pi Network Core Team opposed the listing of its token on various exchanges including Huobi Global Exchange claiming that the platform was still in its enclosed mainnet and hence could not be legitimately listed for trading on any platform.

“Pi is in Enclosed Mainnet with no external connectivity permitted. Pi Network isn’t affiliated with and hasn’t authorized any exchange listing. Such listings may not operate on real Pi. Participation may result in loss.”

Huobi delisted some tokens but not pi

Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced on January 11 that it would delist 33 tokens, including ABT, ATP, APN, AST, DIE, DHT, DFA, EDEN, GEAR, HC, INDI, IOI, INV, IRIS, GCOIN, GOF, KMA, MTA, NAS, OPUL, PEARL, PRIMATE, QASH, SMT, SLC, SKU, SOC, STC, The aforementioned tokens will stop trading and be permanently removed from the market as of January 16. The majority of the tokens breached Section 17, Rule 1 and Section 17, Rule 2 of the Huobi Token Management Rules, according to Huobi’s explanation of the judgment, which reads as follows:

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