JUST IN: Ice App Bug Resolved: Bonus Calculation Glitch Fixed for Fairness

The Ice Network Dev Team has addressed a bug in the Ice app that impacted the calculation of bonuses for users mining alongside their referrals. The issue, reported by the community, resulted in users receiving higher bonuses than intended.

In a statement, the Dev Team acknowledged the confusion and concern among users and expressed gratitude for their patience. The team worked diligently to identify and resolve the bug, conducting numerous tests and extensive debugging.

“We have successfully resolved the bug to ensure accurate bonus calculations, aligning with our original program intent,” stated the team.

The bug fix comes with an immediate update to all user account balances. While some users may have enjoyed higher bonuses due to the bug, the update may result in a decrease in Ice coin balance. The team emphasized that this adjustment is not punitive but necessary to maintain fairness and consistency within the app.

The change aims to uphold the integrity of the platform and ensure equal opportunities for all users in the referral program. The bug caused unintended discrepancies in bonus calculations, which the team deemed necessary to correct for the benefit of the entire user community.

Acknowledging the unsettling nature of changes to account balances, the team reassured users that this update signifies a commitment to a more reliable and equitable Ice app experience. The resolution of this bug reflects the team’s dedication to providing the best possible service to its user base. Read More

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