Global Banking Shift: Transition to Quantum Financial System and Bank Closures Expected

In a significant development, the World Bank and the Cabal Central Banks are anticipated to initiate the closure or transition to standby status on Friday, marking a pivotal moment in the global financial landscape. Global Banking system now transitioning from Swift system to Quantum Financial System (QFS).

On December 15, the four largest banks in the United States delivered a notification to credit companies, indicating that they will cease to require credit services as of Thursday of this week. This move hints at a broader shift within the financial sector.

At the stroke of midnight on December 14, a substantial number of Personal Bank Accounts seamlessly integrated into the new Global Quantum Financial System (QFS). Notably, the QFS operates on the Star Link satellite, introducing a novel paradigm in financial transactions.

Account holders within the QFS reportedly enjoy unprecedented autonomy over their funds. With no government control, money transfers bypass the traditional Swift system, and there’s no requirement to seek permission for financial transactions. Additionally, the QFS ensures currency security without invasive inquiries into the source of funds.

While this transition signifies a leap toward financial empowerment for individuals, there are swirling rumors and advice circulating. Some voices in the community suggest being prepared with cash, essential supplies, and food during the transition period, although the specifics of this transitional phase remain unclear.

As the world braces for these transformative changes, the implications of the transition to the QFS and the anticipated closure of major banks raise questions about the future of global finance and the impact on individual financial autonomy. The unfolding events underscore the dynamic nature of the financial world and the continuous evolution of systems that underpin our economic structures. Read More

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