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JUST IN: Atlantis Exchange reportedly suspends trading of the newly listed CORE DAO token

Atlantis, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, is reported to have suspended trading in the newly listed CORE DAO token, albeit the cause of the suspension is as of yet unknown.

The listing of the Core DAO token and the opening of a trading pair with USDT on the Atlantis Exchange platform were both announced. The platform, however, was roundly criticized, with many Core DAO users labeling it a scam website.

Similar criticism was leveled at Atlantis in the recent weeks when it reported the price of PiCoin as high as $35,000 while promising investors prizes up to $1500 in value as well as the redemption of the IOU equivalent of the PiCoin purchased by investors.

NewsWay learnt that this criticism may likely be the main factor in the platform’s decision to halt trading in the Core DAO token.

What is Core DAO?

Core DAO is the official decentralized organization developing the Satoshi Plus ecosystem. By adding hash power to the chain, it offers miners the chance to get access to brand-new revenue sources. Inspired by both blockchains’ guiding principles, Core has a deep respect for the ecosystem’s past while also showing a great deal of excitement about its potential.

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