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JUST IN: Apple unveiled emergency SOS via satellite to users of the iPhone 14

Apple aims to provide some level of security for iPhone users even when they are in an area without cellular coverage.

Emergency SOS via satellite, which enables users to text emergency services when they’re off the grid, such as while camping in the mountains or traveling in a rural place at night, was launched by the firm on Tuesday. Customers of the iPhone 14 can access the service, which is free for the first two years.

When it unveiled the iPhone 14 series in September, Apple also revealed the emergency function. Apple announced last week that it would invest $450 million with American businesses to make the service possible, with the majority of the funds going to Globalstar, a satellite operator with headquarters in Louisiana.

All iPhone 14 users will be able to utilize it. By aiming their phone at the sky and making a connection with one of the 24 Globalstar satellites in low-Earth orbit, they can achieve this.

Users should not try out the service for non-emergences, according to Apple. Last week, the business provided me with a demonstration so I could explain how to utilize it.

The emergency SOS works in the following ways:

  • If there is a crisis, try dialing 911. Your phone will attempt to connect to a tower belonging to another carrier if you don’t have mobile coverage. The option to “Emergency Text via Satellite” will appear if that doesn’t work.
  • To text 911 or SOS, go to iMessage and select Emergency Services.
  • You can tap on an option that will appear to report an emergency.
  • Emergency questions will appear to assist you describe your situation as clearly as possible. “What’s the emergency?” will be the first question. Following that, you’ll have the choice of selecting “Car or vehicle trouble” or “illness or injury.” You’ll then be guided through a series of questions that are more in-depth.
  • You will be given the choice to inform your emergency contacts of your location and the nature of your situation, as well as the fact that you have contacted emergency services. The Find My app also lets you communicate your whereabouts with loved ones via satellite.
  • Your phone will ask you to point it upward in order to establish a connection with a satellite. It should be possible for you to connect to a satellite as long as your line of sight is clear, but it might take up to 15 seconds for your messages to be delivered. If you don’t have a clear view of the sky, due of trees or another hindrance, the texts may take a minute to go through.
  • Emergency services will immediately know your location and the nature of your emergency once you have established a satellite connection, but they will ask you a few additional questions to assist them find you and prepare.
  • Emergency agencies will be able to see crucial personal information, such as what drugs you’re taking and the names of your emergency contacts, if your medical ID is configured through your iPhone’s health settings.

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