JUST IN: Americans craving for new leadership; Pence insist Trump may not be the right candidate this time

Following the underwhelming results of the midterm elections for Republicans, who are now openly arguing whether his former boss, Donald Trump, should continue to serve as the party’s leader, former vice president Mike Pence stated on Wednesday that Americans are “searching for new leadership.”

Just hours after Trump declared his intention to run for re-election, Pence declined to comment on whether he believed the former president was qualified to take on the position of president again in an interview with The Associated Press. However, he subtly suggested that he could serve as a viable substitute for Republicans looking for conservative leadership free from the volatility of the Trump era.

“In 2024, I believe we will have more options, Pence stated. “I have every faith that Republican primary voters will make informed decisions.” During the holidays, he and his family will get together, and “we’ll give careful consideration to what our role might be in the days ahead,” he said.

He responded, “Certainly the president’s continuous efforts to relitigate the last election played a factor, but… each individual candidate is responsible for their own campaign,” when asked if he blamed Trump for this week’s Republican losses.

While mulling a run for president, Pence has been building awareness for his new book, “So Help Me God,” which was published on the same day that Trump formally announced his long-teased candidacy. The former vice president, who spent his four years in office defending Trump and held off on publicly criticizing him until until January 6, 2021, would be in direct rivalry with Trump if Pence moves forward.


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