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How to trade PI with P2P Trading feature on ONUS

Following the news from ONUS on the launch of P2P trading for PI on its platform, it is now essential for pioneers to understand how to trade with the native token of the Pi Network.

To ease your search, we have outlined the various steps to follow if you want to either sell or buy Pi (wrapped Pi).

By following these easy procedures, you can buy/sell PI in the quantity and price that you desire:

1: On the home page, click P2P.

2: To purchase PI, click the Buy tab (or select Sell to sell PI).

3. To create a command, click the plus sign (+).

4: Type in the desired quantity and the purchase or sale price.

5: Verify the end result

You can also execute orders set by other users in addition to placing your own buy and sell orders.

What is Wrapped Pi?

Wrapped PI (PI) is a token built by the PiBrigde team as a mapping solution of the original Pi (from Pi Network). At the PiBridge ecosystem, Wrapped PI is used for a number of purposes such as 1:1 conversion with Pi, Farming, Staking for rewards, OTC trading and e-commerce.


Written by T.I Ukende

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