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ONUS has opened P2P trading feature for PI

ONUS, a cryptocurrency investment application has announced it will be opening the P2P trading feature for Pi at the seller’s desired price. According to the announcement from the ONUS team, Investors can also match other users’ PI buy/sell orders through the ONUS app. The announcement reads;

Today, January 27, 2022, ONUS opened the P2P trading feature for PI, allowing customers to easily place buy/sell orders for PI at your desired price. Investors can also match other users’ PI buy/sell orders through the ONUS app.”

ONUS team revealed further that, You can carry out user-created orders in addition to setting your own buy and sell orders.

NewsWay discovered that the Pi being discussed by ONUS here is wrapped Pi (wPi) or PiB, even though that PiBridge had claimed that wrapped Pi is comparable to Pi (Pi Network) and can be supplied in place of Pi at a 1:1 ratio.

What is PiBridge?

Wrapped PI (PI) is a token built by the PiBrigde team as a mapping solution of the original Pi (from Pi Network). At the PiBridge ecosystem, Wrapped PI is used for a number of purposes such as 1:1 conversion with Pi, Farming, Staking for rewards, OTC trading and e-commerce.


Written by Angela Beckham

Angela Beckham has interest in Politics and Blockchain Technology. She started a research about cryptocurrency in 2017 to span through to 2027 on "replacing fiat with crypto which is yet to be completed. Presently Angela writes for NewsWay on Politics and Blockchain.

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