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How to login to the new upgraded Swiffin account and view Lumi balance

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The swiffin platform has given an important notice on its community portal on how users and lumi currency stimulus beneficiaries can access their accounts and view balances and perform certain transactions.

Finally, after a long break lumi currency beneficiaries can login to their swiffin accounts and view balances.

The African Diaspora Sixth Region (ECO-6) and the swiffin company have had their worse experiences since the beginning of this year.

A program they technically planned well is gradually facing or rather experiencing a tough execution process due to the huge number of beneficiaries recorded within just a year of its kick-off time in October 2020.

The officials handling or overseeing the program had announced a huge success during its one year anniversary. McPherson said over four million Africans both at home and in the diaspora registered for the program and were been paid a stimulus package of 6.26 Lumi or AKL every month.

Newsway learnt that due to this huge number of users and beneficiaries, the portal’s traffic grew to an uncontrollable limit and as such over the past three months witnessed a downward connectivity delay in processing real-time payments. The company had no option than to opt for an immediate upgrade.

The upgrade became necessary since payments on the platform were supposed to be done in real-time according to the technical team of the company.

How to login to your swiffin account and check or transact with your lumi (AKL)

Before the server connection failure or the network outage, login into the swiffin account was very easy or just simple as users could only download the swiffin app and just supply their login details to access their lumi balances.

The case is no longer as easy as it used to be some months ago. So new beneficiaries and old ones are both required to follow the steps provided below to login to their swiffin accounts.

1. The first thing to do is to visit the swiffin community portal, then login via

2. After login into the community portal, on the main page of the or on your profile timeline, click on ACCOUNT

3. A new pop-up page will then appear on the same browser tab. On this new pop-up page the user is required to provide his or her SWIFFIN ID and password
NOTE that a default password (44cc) is already provided for all platform users.

4. After the step 3 above, the user can the click on SUBMIT to access their lumi account.

5. The last thing to do when you might have accessed your account is to proceed and change the default password to some private or secret character you might be able to remember often.

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