How Pi Network miners can cover data subscription expenses by mining Bitcoin for free

Actually, mining is basically the process of using a hashing algorithm to solve challenging mathematical cryptography issues; the more miners there are, the more complex this process becomes.

On the Pi Network’s platform, pioneers work as miners. They do it for free, but they do suffer costs, which we have attempted to find some simple solutions to offset.

PiCoin mining costs

In order to mine PiCoin, cellular data users must pay data subscription fees; if the government does not pay for cellphone usage, even WiFi users are required to pay.

You can add Bitcoin to your mining list while mining PiCoin on the same phone, and you can easily exchange it and pay for your PiCoin mining costs. Given the efficiency of smartphones, a personal computer equipped with a conventional GPU might be able to provide enough energy to mine Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin mining bottleneck

Since the competition has gotten more tougher, and now mining is done by large corporations who scale their operations and spend millions on equipment, Bitcoin mining has gone beyond the reach of ordinary people especially the vulnerable people in developing countries.

All hope is not lost

Bitcoin may be mined with a smartphone just almost the same way with Pi Network. However, it is not as effective as computer-based mining because they have less processing power than computers. Therefore, mining Bitcoins on a smartphone will require more time, though this is not same with Pi Network. In order to prevent delays in the mining process, you need also make sure your phone is fully charged always plugged during mining.

How Does Smartphone Bitcoin Mining Work?

To mine Bitcoin on a smartphone, you must download a mining app. There are now a number of programs available for mining Bitcoin. To choose the one that best meets your needs, please learn how they operate. Enter your wallet address after installing the app. Additionally, this guarantees that any Bitcoins you mine are sent to your wallet by the Bitcoin system.

Select a mining pool after that. Several miners participate in a Bitcoin mining pool, increasing their odds of winning rewards by working together. You can begin mining Bitcoins after joining a mining pool. The program will mine Bitcoins using the processing power of your phone. When you receive rewards, the Bitcoin system will deposit them into your wallet.

On a cryptocurrency exchange, you can convert your Bitcoins into fiat money or use them to buy products and services. As an alternative, you could keep your coins in your wallet while you wait for their value to rise and then sell them for more money.

Is Smartphone Bitcoin Mining Profitable?

The profitability of mining Bitcoin on a smartphone is lower than that of mining on a computer. This is due to smartphones’ lower processing power compared to desktops. Therefore, mining Bitcoins on a smartphone will require more time. To avoid delays in the mining process, you should also make sure your phone is charged. Nevertheless, you may still get paid for mining Bitcoins on your smartphone if you are persistent and patient.

An alternative to using a smartphone for bitcoin mining

You can choose to trade Bitcoin if you wish to earn incentives without mining. And this is a mining substitute that doesn’t call for specialized gear. To trade Bitcoin, all you require is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection, but you must first register for an account on a reputable platform like bitprofit. You can start purchasing and trading Bitcoin after setting up an account on a cryptocurrency exchange.

You can sell your coins and benefit if the price of bitcoin rises. Similar to this, when Bitcoin’s value declines, you can acquire coins at a discount and hold onto them until their value rises once more before selling them.

What Should You Know Before Using Your Smartphone to Trade Bitcoin

You need to be aware of the risks when trading Bitcoin on your smartphone. For example, the price of Bitcoin can change at any time. Trading should only be done with money that you can afford to lose. Additionally, keep an eye on the market at all times to make knowledgeable Bitcoin purchasing and selling decisions.


Bitcoin may be mined with a smartphone almost similar to Pi Network. It is less profitable than computer-based mining, though. The greatest choice is to trade Bitcoin rather than mine it, so you’re mining simply to cover your PiCoin mining costs.

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