JUST IN: Elon Musk Hints at Dogecoin Integration for Twitter

Since taking over as CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk has already made a number of significant changes, such as adding a monthly membership charge for verified accounts.

The billionaire’s plans to adopt Dogecoin payments quickly became the subject of speculations, which he only served to fuel.

After months of rumors, turmoil, and legal battles, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter was finally finalized less than a week ago.

The Tesla CEO had earlier promised to improve the social media site, among other things, by getting rid of bots and phony accounts.

Musk stated on his Twitter account a monthly fee that will provide blue-tick certification, which will be distinct from the present system of “lords and peasants,” after firing the majority of executives. Initial rumors claimed it would cost $20 per month, but he indicated it would only be $8.

His plan now integrates with Twitter Blue, a $5 monthly subscription service that offers “more comfortable viewing mode and editing facilities.”

The cryptocurrency community immediately questioned Musk on the topic of when such an option will be available given his earlier suggestions that Dogecoin might be used for these kinds of payments. His response, in keeping with who he was, was more inquisitive than instructive.

Even while he hasn’t confirmed it, it’s important to note that the majority of the other businesses he owns already take DOGE as payment. The Boring Company was the most recent to do so.

The main driver of the OG memecoin’s (recent) price gains has been the connection between the billionaire and the coin. It more than doubled its USD valuation within a week, ever since Musk brought a sink in Twitter’s HQ.

SOURCE: Cryptopotato

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