Four unarguable reasons why men have higher mortality rate than women in Nigeria

For many of us who believe the Holy Scripture, it recorded instances of men like Moses who lived 120 years, Abraham who lived 175 years and Noah lived 350 years respectively. The case is totally different nowadays as men are dying as early as 40 years, 50 years and 60 years on average.

In Nigeria, it is a trend that when a man gets married he starts preparing his funeral and inheritance, how he will share his belongings amongst his children. Women forming Widows Associatios almost in every community across the country.

In the oldern times (the bible era), Abraham buried his wife Sarah, likewise his grandson Jacob who also buried his wife (Rachel) as he journeyed to Egypt. The case is totally different as women are also acquainted with this fact, so they develop a feeling that their husbands will die earlier than them.

So what is the life expectancy in Nigeria?

Well, according to the United Nations population division’s report of male and female life expectancy at birth from sources such as census repors and other statistical publications from National Statistical offices published by the world bank, Nigerians may live on average 55 years.

People may live above this years or even lower than this life expectancy. Though at least in 100 people less than twenty live above this expectancy.

In my maternal home, all the men have died leaving their wives behind with children. So this has actually become a menace that ought to be checked.

Between men and women which gender lives longer

Statistically, ladies live longer than men. As a matter of fact 57% of that large number of ages 65 and more established are female. By age 85, 67% are ladies. The normal life expectancy is around 10 years longer for ladies than men in Nigeria and 7 years longer around the world.

Due to the risks that men always take to Carter for their families, their life expectancy tend to be shortened.

What makes men die earlier than women?

There are several factors that contributes to men’s mortality rate and these includes;

1. Risk taking: Most men undermine risks just because they must provide for their families. I was traveling to Abuja on a fully loaded truck at night. My tribe (Tiv) which is predominantly farmers had a crash with the Fulanis who are predominantly herders. Our truck had a flat tire in the Akwanga hills (A community dominated by the Fulanis). I could have been killed if they knew a Tiv person was amongst those who were on that truck. Such risks are undermined by most men thereby increasing their chances of dying early.

2. Cardiovascular Diseases: Medical experts believe that the common cause of death in men nowadays is Cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart diseases. These has to do with high consumption of bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and unchecked body mass.

The estrogen as a sex hormone in women is defensive of cardiovascular disease and is to some extent answerable for the lower frequency of such illnesses in ladies up until menopause. The male sex hormone (testosterone) is higher in men and is related with a higher gamble of cardiovascular disease.

3. Drug Abuse: The abuse of drugs is the trend with teenagers today mostly the ones in the northern part of the country (Nigeria).

Drug abuse is the inordinate utilization of psychoactive medications like liquor (alcohol), pain killers or unlawful medications.

Abusing drugs can prompt social, physical and enthusiastic or emotional harm.

Men and boys have the highest rate in substance abuse across the globe today and this can kill easily.

4. Corona Virus (COVID-19): COVID-19’s mortality rate is also higher in men than in women because men are less likely to take precautions. They’re very stubborn and may not adhere to COVID-19 medical advises.


Men today are posed with the unarguable fact that their life span is more shorter than women.

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