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Federal authorities are looking into Elon Musk’s Neuralink; the company’s use of animals for research is to be investigated

T.I Ukende
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According to Reuters, a federal inquiry into Elon Musk’s medical device startup Neuralink’s animal research is underway. The investigation into alleged animal welfare infractions started, according to the newspaper, as a result of employee complaints.

Since his widely reported acquisition of Twitter, the billionaire has been frequently in the news. However, the federal investigation into Neuralink is currently taking precedence over his behavior on the social media platform.

The well-known medical device business Nueralink, founded by Elon Musk, is currently under federal investigation for its use of animals in research. Moreover, according to Reuters, a number of personnel complaints prompted the probe.

According to Reuters, Nueralink is working on a brain implant that it hopes will allow paraplegic people to regain their ability to walk and treat other neurological conditions. The government investigation is furthermore concentrated on how that effort can contravene the Animal Welfare Act. The act regulates how various businesses and researchers handle and use animals in testing.

The investigation was launched in response to concerns that CEO Elon Musk’s pressure had sped up development. subsequently resulting in “botched studies” on test subjects’ animals. In conclusion, Reuters writes that “more than 20 current and former employees” have filed complaints.

The scenario is always changing. Executives from Nueralink and Elon Musk have not yet commented.

According to Reuters, the official complaint claims that “animal testing is being hastened, causing needless suffering and deaths.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture Inspector General is also alleged to have started the probe recently. Up to this point, no reports had been made public.

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