Crypto Influencer ‘BitBoy’ Ben Armstrong Arrested in Dramatic Livestream Outside Former Associate’s House

In a startling turn of events, renowned crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, formerly known as “BitBoy,” found himself in a dramatic confrontation that played out live on YouTube. The incident reportedly unfolded outside the residence of a former business associate, leading to Armstrong’s arrest and a flurry of allegations.

It all began with a cryptic message from Armstrong, who announced on social media that he would be “going live soon from a very special location.” Little did his followers know the drama that was about to unfold.

Less than an hour after the initial announcement, Armstrong commenced a live stream from the doorstep of Carlos Diaz, a consultant and nonfungible token (NFT) investor with ties to the Hit Network. Armstrong wasted no time launching into a heated tirade, alleging that Diaz had possession of his Lamborghini and even making claims that Diaz “wanted to kill him.” These shocking allegations took the crypto community by surprise.

During the livestream, Armstrong did not hold back, making a series of accusations against Diaz. In addition to claiming that his Lamborghini was in Diaz’s possession, he alleged connections between Diaz and the Houston mafia, adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.

The confrontation escalated as Armstrong repeatedly called out Diaz by name, insisting that he was unafraid and challenging him directly. The livestream attracted significant attention, with viewers expressing a mix of shock and disbelief at the unfolding events.

Arrest and Legal Ramifications

As tensions continued to rise during the livestream, law enforcement arrived on the scene. Ben Armstrong was subsequently arrested, bringing an abrupt end to the chaotic spectacle that had played out live for his audience.

The legal consequences of Armstrong’s actions remain unclear, and it is expected that further details will emerge as the situation unfolds. The crypto influencer’s livestream has since been a topic of intense discussion within the crypto community, sparking debates about the responsibilities and behavior of influential figures in the space.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the power and reach of social media in the crypto world and the need for responsible and ethical conduct, even in the face of personal disputes. As the crypto community awaits more information about the legal aftermath of this dramatic livestream, it underscores the importance of transparency and accountability within the industry. Read More

Source: Cointelegraph

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