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Complete List of digital music producers in Benue 2019

T.I Ukende
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Afro music has taken over the world today, dancing on Afro banging beats has become a trend around the globe recently. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Dance schools in Europe and North America now train students on how to dance on Afro music, so even musicians in US are fast collaborating with their African colleagues in order to remain relevant in the industry. Musicians like the famous Akon now parade the streets of Lagos just to collaborate with Nigerian musicians. It is in regard to this global trend that I compile the list of music producers in Benue state, north central Nigeria to help those who are already in search of a good and experienced Afro music producer in Nigeria. The producers are listed based on rating and experience, of course these producers have done lots of jobs that are already in stores across the nation and West African sub-region. I also included pictures for recognition, mobile phone numbers and their studio addresses to help you connect easily with them.

1.    King Fidel Shamel JP:

The oldest producer in the state, won the Benson and Hedges (B&H) award in 1991. Fidel Shamel introduced the Afro-swange as a genre or style of music which he has been crowned King in 2018. His studio is located directly opposite Dexter’s eatery in the heart of makurdi.

Phone: (+234) 09029902665
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

2.    Emmanuel Ahura:

most people know him as El-Gibor, he is the present chapter president of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN). Emmanuel Ahura is the second oldest producer of music in Benue, who formerly based in Lagos but relocated to help develop young talents in the state. Have his studio around Lower Benue River Basin development staff quarters in Makurdi.

Phone: (+234) 08032436279
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

3.    Charles Omafu: 

Popularly referred to as Charles Creation is the famous and most patronized producer in Benue state who recently relocated to Lagos in search of a greener pasture. He was the owner of creation music studio formerly located opposite college of health science, Benue state university, Makuedi.

Phone: (+234) 08068984839
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

4.    Danx Amiseh:

Gboko is the second largest town in Benue state, so just like Fidel Shamel, Danx is the oldest and most talented producer in Gboko town. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); His productions go viral annually in the state thereby making him the most talked about, skillful and most patronized producer in Gboko. His Danx music empire studio is located on #26 Amadu Bello way, Gboko.

(+234) 07032258622
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

5.    St. Tee Ukende:

Started with Fidel Shamel in 2006 as studio boy or apprentice, practically learning music production from the legendary Fidel Shamel and learnt piano keyboard from Crystols Music School. St. Tee started independent job as a producer at St. Hills music studio and six years later started his own HolyChild Records which had Ziggy (Psalm Amadi) as a signed artist. St. Tee later merged his studio with levels records, the partnership that did not succeed. St. Tee is the most sort, skillful and multi talented producer who is also a mixing engineer. Presently working with Tivhans Music Studio, Adipko.

Phone: (+234) 09058022854
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

6.    Myke Magix:

Mike Akula is his name, learnt music professionally from the famous Panam Percy Paul in Jos, Plateau state. Myke is also a dancer and singer as well as a choreographer. Recently got married to his female artist. Myke Magix studio is located opposite Metropolitant hotel in kwararafa quarters, makurdi.

Phone: (+234) 07030355068
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

7.    Johnicks:

Johnicks, all the way from eastern Nigeria started his studio in north bank area of makurdi in 2006. The studio was situated just by NASME junction before relocating to Yagba axis just after heavy duty park, makurdi. Johnicks has finally found a permanent place for his studio, now located opposite L.G.E.A primary school (Suswam Thank U), wurukum, makurdi.

Phone:(+234) 08067641893
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song

8.    Beeg Pheel:

Pheeletrate as he called, Beeg Pheel returned from Lagos as a producer to setup his studio in Gboko six years ago. A rapper and singer, Pheel has been in the studio as a producer about a decade and six years. I tell you the real truth; he is good in his style of production. His sound Traffic studio is located in Gboko town.

Phone: (+234) 08139381848
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

9.    Baba Slow Wings:

Fanen Jacob Animen is his real name, started his career as an artist but decided to switch when he met with St. Tee Ukende. Baba Slow Wings learnt digital music production from his former producer (St. Tee) back in 2011 and started his Levels Records in 2014. Baba Slow Wings has gone viral with his Osaze anad Tsaga productions. His studio has renamed 49 Keys Studio and relocated from Logo 1 to opposite Coca-Cola gate, km 5 gboko road, makurdi.

Phone: (+234) 09031193468
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.
10.  Jude: Jude also started his career as a producer with Pupa Fidel Shamel back in 2008 before taking a job with destiny music wowrld in High Level, Makurdi. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Jude has been a very good producer most especially when it comes to gospel, at present he owns his studio behind B-division police quarters, makudi.
Phone: (+234) 07036410257
Fee: N 20, 000.00 per song.

11.Mr. Timz: 

Uno Timothy is his real name, Mr. Timz has been the ppillar of music in katsinal-ala where he resides. Mr. Timz has produced for several artists in towns like Zaki Biam, Katsina-ala, Adikpo, Vandeikya and beyond the shores of Benue. Mr. timz has his studio located along Atim Ateze street, kastina-ala town.

Phone: (+234) 08057823278
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

12.  Oxbeemixx:

Aer Tor also known as Oxbee has been made popular because of his samples which can be found almost in all studios in makurdi and even beyond Benue. Oxbee is also a video director and mixing engineer. His studio oxbeemixx entertainment is open for business 24hr but address withheld.

Phone: (+234) 08038640767
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

13.  Solace: 

Started his sound check five years ago in welfare quarters makurdi and has gone viral with “Orkpeve”, a song he voiced and mixed. Solace has taken over music production around his domain with his quiet and simple lifestyle.

Phone: (+234)
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

14.  Lanky: 

A very good and humbled producer who worked for kutuma Records several years before his solo career. Lanky lives in hudco quarters makurdi and does his production activities most of the times at infinity Records.

Phone: (+234) 07034977350
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

15.  Eitbarz Adeiza:


Born Terdoo Abdul in okene town in Kogi state by a gboko born Tiv woman to an Igala man by name Sadiq. Eitbarz Adeiza became a music producer in 2011 when he lost his job at the Federal Medical Center here in makurdi. He left makurdi to work in Lagos where he met and worked with Foster Zeeno and Seaman at Zane pro studio in Ikeja. Adeiza just returned few months ago to start his barztunez Records in makurdi.

Phone: (+234) 08038326653
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song

16.  Nagzy:

Ejeofor is his birth name, though born and brought up in north bank area of makurdi. His parents both hails from Enugu state in eastern Nigeria, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Nagzy has been a producer close to a decade now even though he has moved his studio which was formerly by NASME junction to his house in the new phase of Federal housing estate in north bank, Nagzy remains a good producer of music.

Phone: (+234)
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.

17.  Ernest gum:

Limited to his live instruments recording, Ernest never sleeps when he has a pending unmixed job. Ernest is one of the official sound engineers of the renowned Christian denomination NSKT. He has his Ernecom studio combined with his fashion designer shop at Kanshio axis of makurdi.

Phone: (+234) 07035081559
Fee: Negotiable
18.  Owizy: Born Owicho Nelson Onyilo, Owizy has been a producer and mastering engineer over the years. He has worked in various studios in Lagos before returning to work with Gizoh Blanks Entertainment located opposite Anchorwin pharmacy, ankpa quarter junction in wadata area of makurdi.
Phone: (+234) 08033249818
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.
19.  Mavis: Mavis learnt digital music production with Usha (Ush Boss) and Big Joe at Indva music studio in 2009 and worked with star point and Infinity Records respectively. Later relocated to Adikpo town to manage famous 19 studio and Mr. Timz Entertainment in Katsina-Ala. Mavis presently resides in Abuja as issues popped up against him in Benue, many studio owners including his former Boss Fidel Shamel alleged that he mismanaged his studio while artist complained he collected money without doing what he was paid for and disappeared. His studio address withheld for security reasons.
Phone: (+234) 08078099246
Fee: N20, 000.00 per song.
20.  Jay Kay : J.k is a singer and producer at the same time. His friend A. Tema might have taught him music production as good friends. He has setup his studio along Atom Kpera road, opposite Kiss Mate Hotel in makurdi city.
Phone: (+234) 08065967978
Fee: Negotiable
21.  Youngzil: A student of university of agriculture in the department of civil engineering, Youngzil has been known to be the master of dancehall and afro pop beat maker. He is actually the king of FL studio as he understands almost all the thwacking cheat. Presently works as a producer with Oase music studio located at a street opposite mama Abayor orphanage home.
Phone: (+234) 09015068606
22.  Eric de incredible: A good user of Fl studio as well, Eric has been working as a music producer most of the times as a second choice producer at Gizoh Entertainment located opposite anchorwin pharmacy, ankpa quarter junction, wadata, makurdi.
Phone: (+234) 07065815992
Fee: Negotiable.
I hope it was helpful, share and if we forgot to include somebody you know contribute via comments. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


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