As the mainnet launch approaches, here is a reviews of the 75% locked assets on Satoshi CORE

Users of Satoshi CORE (participants) are seeing more enigmatic developments from the CoreDAO regarding the impending MainNet activation.

In order to solve the remaining blockchain trilemma and maintain value over the long run for the benefit of users, contributors, and investors in the sector, the cryptocurrency project “CORE” aspires to be deflationary in nature.

Participants’ CORE that they accumulated on the Satoshi app is an Airdrop. Participants are known as CORE Users. The amount of CORE that was airdropped was 525,600,000, and 25% of that amount has been made available. The remaining 75% of the CORE will be unlocked over the course of two years, totaling 394,200,000 CORE. Then you can compute yours. As an illustration, if you have 50 CORE, 25% of 50 equals 12.5 CORE, which will be yours to keep, while the remaining 37.5 CORE (or 75% of 50) will be locked for two years.

This basically prevents any negative price impact on Satoshi CORE if many users sell off their shares after mainnet because the Contributors (Existing and Future (Funders, Developers)) have 315M CORE on their allotment – they ain’t selling off any time soon.

Because the Satoshi app, where the Airdrop participation and accumulation took place, is the actual centralized app, the 75% users’ asset that will be locked and gradually unlocked over a two-year period does not put a stop to CORE’s decentralized strategy.

The CORE Development Team will then provide users with clarification so they may determine whether they can stake (delegate) the 75% portion of their locked CORE or whether only the 25% available (unlocked) CORE will be made available for withdrawal and delegation after the Mainnet phase.

After the mainnet’s debut, once the airdrop’s post-mainnet work is finished, the CORE airdrop will be carried out in collaboration with Satoshi App. With the help of the Satoshi App, users may earn rewards by doing straightforward tasks without having to pay a fee or request an exclusive invitation. Core’s mainnet intends to be one of the most decentralized networks soon after debut by collaborating with an app with such a big user base.

Remember that the 2,100,000,000 TotalSupply of CORE assets are distributed as follows:

  • Node Mining (39.995% of TotalSupply; 839.9m CORE).
  • Users (525,6 million CORE; 25.02%).
  • Contributors: 15% (315 million CORE).
  • Reserves (10%; 210m CORE).
  • Treasury (9.5%; 199.5 million core).
  • Relayer Rewards (10m CORE; 0.476%).

Without any outside investment, the original contributors constructed CORE for three years while grasping the critical philosophical difference between builders and investors. As a result, Core’s distribution strategy can concentrate on putting tokens into the hands of the network’s genuine creators and consumers.

There have been neither open nor closed sales of CORE tokens to investors as of MainNet time. With a token launch that specifically targets these constituencies, Core’s foundation is perfectly in line with the goal of long-term decentralized governance.

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