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Apple fully back to advertise on Twitter; Amazon to spend $100 million for advert on Twitter

Amazon has announced they will spend $100 million annually on Twitter advertising, and Elon Musk claims Apple has also agreed to pay for marketing on the site once more.

On Saturday, Musk announced Apple during a lengthy Twitter Spaces discussion about the app’s new audio feature, which allows users to listen in on live calls.

The single biggest advertiser on Twitter is Apple. Uncertainty surrounds how much money they invest in the network, but last week, Musk hinted at a meeting with Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, at the Cupertino, California, headquarters.

Five days ago, Musk alleged that Apple hated “free speech,” was “making moderation demands,” and had stopped spending on advertising. This sparked a flood of press reports about a potential conflict between Apple and Twitter. Musk stated in the public that Apple had “largely ceased” running advertisements on Twitter and had also threatened to “withhold Twitter from its App Store.”

Then, two days after making those remarks, Musk visited with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and ultimately changed his mind. Cook “made clear that Apple never considered doing so,” according to Musk, who claimed that there had actually been a “misunderstanding” regarding Twitter possibly being removed from the App Store.

Journalist Zoe Schiffer of Platformer reported that Amazon intends to resume advertising on Twitter for around $100 million annually.

He tweeted that the massive online retailer was out of commission while awaiting “some security modifications” to Twitter’s ad platform.

The information was released a day after Elon Musk claimed that Apple has “completely restarted” platform advertising. Musk later thanked advertisers for coming back to Twitter in a tweet.


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