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Pi Bridge announces launch of deposit and withdrawal features on its official App

Grace Owell
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Pi Bridge, a Pi Network ecosystem Application has announced the debuting of it’s new functionality features to enable deposits and withdrawal of PiCoin on its platform.

This is reportedly being done to enable customers to have a seamless experience when using its platform, according to information made available on its official Twitter page. Users will be able to add PiCoin to their Pi Bridge wallets and also withdraw from them thanks to the new features.

A screenshot showing the two new features

A video tutorial on how to use the new functions is also uploaded on YouTube for more clarity.


In case you are not aware

In August, Pi Bridge was unveiled with the aim to connect Pi Network with the other blockchains enabling pioneers to make transactions on others crypto trading platforms with payments been issued in Pi.

Pi Bridge later announced it will be issuing Pi as wrapped Pi (wPi) but the platform however unveiled it’s token known as PiB which will be traded hand in hand with Pi on its platform.

What is Pi Bridge?

PiBridge is a hybrid platform for all-in-one financial applications that combines both DEX and CEX models with features like multi-chain & cross-chain AMM, farming, lending, a platform for crowdsourcing (launchpad), prediction, NFT, and more.

The development team claims that Pibridge is a trustless gateway that removes the barrier separating the Pi network from other blockchains, making Pi approachable and available to the general public and providing Pi users with a new permissionless and transparent financial tool. Pi Bridge enables free movement of Pi holders and data between networks. Additionally, there is a pre-opened method for Pi holders to profit from the asset’s worth.

Improved interoperability and scalability are the project’s main advantages. Blockchain bridges give users access to more platform capabilities, including as mining and staking, trading with other cryptocurrencies, lending, fundraising, and e-commerce, as well as the ability to avoid scammers and complete transactions more quickly. Various additional blockchain bridges that have been successful

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