Amazon Coin a big investment for crypto traders

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Although the launch was announced for September 15, due to slight delays Amazon Coin was successfully launched on Friday. 

The Amazon Coin project aims to create value by combining Blockchain technology built on the green Tezos platform with highly sought after and valuable ultrafine copper powder. 

This project will allow anyone to invest in a commodity that has been available to privileged institutions for decades. 

So the company is the first organized effort to create the market and has only prepared 0.5%, or 1.5 million Amazon coins at the promotional price of US $ 2.97 for 1 coin. The pre-sale is underway via the Amazon Coin trading platform, with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) as the call options. 

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The expected duration of the presale is 1 month. This will be followed by an Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) starting on December 1 with the predetermined price of US $ 15 for 1 coin, then traded on the exchange starting on January 1, 2022, or immediately at the end of the IEO. trades on the stock exchange at as much as US $ 25 per coin. 

Since an Amazon coin is hedged with a value of US $ 100, presales, as well as IEOs, are a great opportunity to invest early on.

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