All First Monie Agents to start BVN enrollment by Next week

First Bank of Nigeria PLC is at it again as the management of the Bank announced BVN enrollment to be done at all First Monie Agents Nation wide.

This is a big move to reduce congestion in banks as COVID-19 protocols crippled the smooth operation of activities in banks.

Customers are left stranded on what used to be easy now takes hours all because everyone must observe social distancing. In most cases, on average, only three customers are allowed in any unit of the bank.

The management of the Bank explained that this has become necessary because cases of customers coming to the bank daily without achieving anything is constantly on the rise and we are here to serve them (Customers) Babatunde Olasaki explained, so it’s important to look into this issue very well, this is our resolution. Some of the big agents were doing it before but now all our Agents will be enrolling customers on the BVN platform nation wide.

This move will ease activities being carried out in our branches nation wide.

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