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What is Sidra Bank? First Religious affiliated Decentralized Finance platform

T.I Ukende
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Sidra Bank, the first cryptocurrency platform with a religious affiliation, is a platform for investing in digital assets. With Sidra Bank, the Muslim Community Will Engage in Digital Investment While Adhering to Moral Precepts.

Though anybody can trade in digital assets on the platform, Muslims are more favored as the platform is built in conformity with Islamic teachings.

The first decentralized Islamic financial platform built on blockchain, Sidra Bank, is located in Sidra, Saudi Arabia.

Benefit to Non-Muslim users

The digital bank offers a currency trading platform that ensures adherence to Islamic standards and is driven by cutting-edge technology with the goal of assisting both Muslims and non-Muslims. Sidra Bank provides major advantages for non-Muslims through loans with 0% interest.

According to it’s white paper, Sidra Bank aims to create a currency trading platform using cutting-edge technology as an alternative to those found in other trading platforms, and offer options that are morally acceptable rather than illegal or dubious, like the Lever Financial, mortgage lending, borrowing, and other Islamic alternatives.

Mining Sidra Coin which is the native token of the Sidra Bank will officially end September 2023 while it’s mainnet will be debuted the following month, October 2023. Speculated prices of 1 Sidra Coin ranges from $525 and below.

To start mining Sidra Coin, kindly follow the link below to Sign Up 👇🏿👇🏿


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