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WEB3: KONAMI set to introduce Metaverse technology in future games

Konami, one of the greatest AAA game designers and publishers in Japan, is showing interest in getting on board with the metaverse and Web3 diversion fad. The organization as of late distributed a progression of employment opportunities for the creation of encounters that includes this sort of technology for its next games.

The organization is recruiting by means of 13 different employment opportunities in the areas of infrastructure development, production and operation, and support. These new openings will assist with providing “new encounters like Web3 and Metaverse,” according to Konami’s news report.[irp]

While there have been no assertions about the IPs (Intellectual properties) that will utilize these new innovations, the organization made it known that its general designs for the future, which likewise incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Konami expressed:

“We have been conducting research and development to incorporate the latest technology into games and contents, and plan to launch a service where players can trade their in-game NFTs (digital items) through a unique distribution platform using blockchain.”

In case you are not aware

This isn’t the first time around for Konami using blockchain-based elements as part of its operations. In fact, the company has already released an NFT collection to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Castlevania, one of its most beloved franchises.

The NFT collection, which features videos and images of some of the first games of the franchise, was successful and managed to raise over $160K in January. As a result, the company signaled in favor of further adopting this technology, noting it would be using the same for “content preservation” purposes.

Other Japanese players have the edge when it comes to the metaverse and Web3 developments. Bandai Namco is already working on establishing its own multi-IP metaverse, and in February stated it would be investing $130 million toward this goal. Square Enix has also included blockchain and play-to-earn as part of its business strategy, even announcing the launch of a Final Fantasy-themed NFT collection for next year.

Sega also recently announced it will produce its own blockchain-based, IP-licensed game, using Japanese blockchain provider Oasys to support its decentralized components.

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