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Update: Swifin Users can access their old account with cumulative balance

T.I Ukende
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The migration of the Swifin’s old Portal (https://platform.swifin.com) to the new portal (https://connect.swifin.com) is not the termination of the Eco-6 Lumi stimulus programme as alleged by many users.

The programme is still ongoing but at the moment new users are temporary not allowed since the old platform is to be shut down any moment from now.

The new portal on the other hand is defined to accommodate your wallet. Those who are having problem or issues with login through the mobile App are advised to use the link below to login and perform transactions with their wallet.


The new portal is a community where users can interact with themselves and share informations of mutual benefits.

Payments of the Lumi stimulus can not be paid in the community despite the new wallet that is created. However their is an option where users are requested to provide their REFERRAL IDs and WALLET IDs (This is the new wallet created inside the Community.


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