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Swifin requires every User to register again on the new portal

T.I Ukende
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After a successful migration to the new community portal Swifin digital platform requires all users or beneficiaries of the Lumi currency stimulus to register again on the new portal.

NewsWay reported earlier that the management of the Fintech company announced the migration of the company’s website to a new one where they promised a more advanced and even better service delivery.

However, despite the huge number of users that signed up in the last one year are by this migration required to re-register on the new interactive website (a Community).

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At the moment the mobile App has been disabled and the old website not allowing old users to sign-in except new users who wants to sign-up.

The old website was https://platform.swifin.com while the new website is https://connect.swifin.com.

While the old platform was just a digital wallet, the new website is designed to be a community where Swifin users can interact with other users, post opinions and seek clarification for issues he or she do not understand.

About when conversion will commence, users and beneficiaries are urged to remain calm and patient as conversion pathways will be added soon.

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