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UPDATE: Swifin Agents suffer Reputational damage due to Swifin’s prolonged Service Outage

T.I Ukende
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Swifin Agents in Kampala, Uganda

Not just a huddle but Swifin’s service outage has posed a death trap for many agents who lives in communities where most of it’s inhabitants are uncivilized farmers.

Agents are being held responsible for what they know nothing about, the Swifin’s prolonged System upgrade has been rather a constraint for agents not to move freely in their maternal environment.

Like I have been saying, Africans nowadays considers any kind gesture as Scam. They prefer to pay to someone that may scam them rather than accepting free offer.

An agent wrote on his Facebook timeline that he lives under life-threatening conditions that he believes came as a result of the prolonged system upgrade as claimed by the Swifin digital Services. He said;

“My life is at the verge of a deadly attack conceived by those whom I registered on the Eco-6 Lumi platform freely. They’re my kinsmen but believed that the Swifin came to deceive them by collecting their personal data.”

NewsWay learnt that quite a large number of beneficiaries do not trust the stimulus even as it was done free of charge.

However, going by the first reply from the Swifin digital support team that “the system upgrade is called for and must be done to achieve financial inclusion, we will urge those expressing grievances to remain calm, things may soon be in their rightful place.

Update coming soon

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