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CBN’s approved charges rate for commercial banks in Nigeria

T.I Ukende
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Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor, Godwin Emefiele image Credit: Reuters

What is Bank Charges?

Bank Charges are expenses that are deducted by Commercial banks from their client’s records at whatever point they make an exchange or transaction.

On January first, 2020, the new Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) system of banking charges on clients for administrations provided became real which one of the financial charges presented by the zenith bank was an allowance of withdrawal expense at whatever point a client makes a third withdrawal from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) inside that very month.

There are other bank expenses which are deducted from bank account and current record holders in Nigeria which we will stroll through beneath however Before we move additionally we should

The following is the new Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) supported charges for all business banks in Nigeria;

1. Because of the new CBN guide, exchanges beneath ₦5,000 would bring about a most extreme expense of ₦10; moves somewhere in the range of ₦5000 and ₦50,000 will draw in a charge of ₦25; and moves past ₦50,000 will get a charge of ₦50.

2. The current record card upkeep cost has been disposed of on the grounds that the records as of now have a record support charge. Investment accounts will currently be charged a card upkeep cost of ₦50 each quarter, rather than ₦50 consistently.

3. The yearly card upkeep cost for cards designated in unfamiliar cash (FCY) has been diminished from $20 to $10.

4. After the third withdrawal inside a month, ATM charges are brought down to ₦35 from ₦65.

5. The charge for an equipment token will be founded on cost recuperation and will be covered at ₦2,500, down from the past most extreme charge of ₦3,500.

6. Expenses for required SMS alarms will be founded on an expense recuperation model, with a most extreme cost of ₦4 set up beforehand.

7. Installment of bills through e-channels will bring about a greatest charge of ₦500, in view of 0.75 percent of the exchange esteem up to ₦1,200.

Full List Of Approved Bank Charges in Nigeria By CBN 2022

The following is the full rundown of supported bank charges in Nigeria by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN):


Equipment Token – There is a greatest charge of ₦2,500 for cost recuperation.

There is no payment for the Software Token – One-Time Password (OTP). Charges will be founded on an expense recuperation premise in the event that the OTP is conveyed to the client through SMS.

Substitution of equipment tokens – Cost recuperation is restricted to ₦2,500. Just in case of actual harm, token misfortune, or substitution after lapse will the client be charged.

Payment of bills (counting installments made through other E-channels) – Negotiable and restricted to ₦500 per recipient payable by the source.


Solely appropriate to current records for client started charge exchanges to outsiders and charge moves/lodgments to the client’s record in another bank. It ought to be noticed that CAMF doesn’t matter to Savings Accounts.

The charge is debatable, yet it can’t surpass ₦1 per mille.

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