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Update: Reasons why Swifin Users should Sign-up on the new portal

T.I Ukende
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As Mandated by the management of the platform, users of the Swifin digital platform should or are advised to sign-up on the platform. This will help them interact and ask questions within themselves and even with the company’s technical or support team.

There are many benefits Lumi stimulus beneficiaries will benefit from the new portal which includes the following;

1. Interacting with other users of the platform: there is no doubt that what you seek more knowledge for is better understood by another person who will definitely put you through if you interact with him or her.

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2. The company’s support team gives update more often on the new community platform compare to the former wallet. Just recently, the Founder of the company Dr. Linus Etube shared his expression about the manner certain people are questioning the legitimacy of the Lumi currency.

3. Apart from getting updates frequently from the support team of the company, you as a user can also ask questions and get answers almost immediately both from other users or the support team.

We encourage all beneficiaries of the Lumi currency stimulus to as a matter of urgency, sign-up on the new portal.

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