Update on the present state of the Lumi Currency and Swiffin platform

The Lumi Currency as we all know is the official currency of the newly created Region of the African descent “The Economic Community of the Sixth African Region (ECO-6).

The Region is known simply as ECO-6. If you must know why it’s referred to Sixth Region then it’s because the Continental Africa already has five Regions which are:

1. The Southern African Development Community (SADC).

2. East African Community (EAC).

3. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

4. Arab Maghreb Union (UMA). This is the northern part of Africa.

5. Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).

You can confirm from the above list that prior to the creation of the ECO-6 Africa had only five Regional Economic Communities which is why the Diaspora region is tagged Sixth Region.[irp posts=”9756″ name=”How to login to the new upgraded Swiffin account and view Lumi balance”]

Why the adoption of the Lumi Currency?

First the Lumi Currency had been in circulation and use before the ECO-6 adopted it as it’s official currency.

The Lumi Currency was first introduced to the acompoong Maroon, a small community on the island of Jamaica by the then Semako (I&II) Hon. Chief Timothy Elisha McPherson over a decade ago.

When eventually the Africa Union in 2019 approved the establishment of a new Region (The Economic Community of the Sixth African Region) and McPherson was appointed it’s Central Bank’s Chief, he decided that the maroon acompoong be chosen as the headquarters of the Diaspora Region and it’s currency be adopted as the official currency of the kingdom.

If Lumi was already in circulation why are beneficiaries not able to withdraw the digital currency?

I’m quite certain that many beneficiaries by now have given up on the Lumi Currency stimulus being paid to all verified beneficiaries every 28th of the month beginning from October 2020 and will elapse on the 28th of October, 2023. Making it a three year stimulus Programme for the vulnerable Africans.[irp posts=”361″ name=”Eco-6 Lumi and the rise of Digital Currency in Continental Africa 2022″]

There are several reasons why the Lumi Currency despite being in circulation for years is yet to be recognized by our various Governments. Notably, I can confidently say it’s because the Lumi equivalent paid to stimulus beneficiaries is in digital form while the one in circulation is in hard or physical form.

It is not easy to convince the uneducated Africans to accept money in its digital form. This calls for an awareness campaign to sensitize the local farmers who do not even have an Android phone to transact with a digital currency.

This is the similar experience of the Central Bank of Nigeria on its deployed digital currency (the e-Naira) presently. The Apex bank is only giving updates on the number of downloads and sign-ups but peer to peer (P2P) transactions are not much recorded.[irp posts=”1102″ name=”DIGITAL CURRENCY: How e-Naira and e-Cedi may transform Africa’s economy”]

I guess this is why beneficiaries are having a doubtful mind concerning the Lumi Currency. Though this does not suggest that the currency is fake as supposed by some folks.

The ECO-6 finance minister and the African Union high commissioner to the USA

Is Swiffin a fake platform?

Let’s look vividly at the activities of the Swiffin platform and it’s involvement in the ECO-6 Lumi stimulus programme.

Contrary to the insinuations that Swiffin is only scamming vulnerable Africans, Newsway has done a diligent research to access the genuineness of the platform and can confidently affirm that the platform is 100% genuine.[irp posts=”422″ name=”AfCFTA: what Participants (Beneficiaries) stand to gain by using PAPSS”]

However, as a way of sourcing more income or revenue to pay workers and maintain the company, they adopt display ads which usually distracts user’s experience.

Can’t login to your Swiffin wallet? Is the platform deactivated?

What is going on now is nothing that should bother beneficiaries because the platform is only undergoing an upgrade. When this is completed, beneficiaries can successfully access their lumi wallets.

We noticed that the portal was migrated and users were demanded to sign up again. An Egyptian lady then tagged us (Newsway) scammers. It is our ethics to unveil informations in their raw form.

Swiffin is only contracted to implement the deployment of the Lumi digital currency and to disburse stimulus to beneficiaries when due.


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  1. Avatar Akighir Iorhemen says:

    How can I register on swifin as an Agent?

  2. Avatar Hayu2448@gmail.com says:

    Eco-6 might be legit but people like mbi mbapeh now he is a thief, he told people that if they pay a membership fee they would be able to access the swifin exchange but soon as people paid it it has been down since last month(June, now we are in Aug….then to our surprise we heard the swifin c.e.o saying those were donation funds kkkk thieves bro thieves.

    • Newsway Newsway says:

      Hello, kindly be specific as this is an interesting thing to talk in detail. Which platform asked you to pay a fee?

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