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Twitter resumes paid verification; promises to also increase character limit from 280 to 4k

T.I Ukende
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Elon Musk has received criticism for a number of offenses ever since he took control of Twitter. Musk caught people’s attention with his plans to charge $8 for Twitter Blue, fire senior executives, and a host of other things.

In a recent tweet, Musk shared a slide from a presentation by the Twitter firm. The Everything App, or “Twitter 2.0,” was unveiled by Musk. Additionally, Musk unveiled brand-new features like payments, long-form tweets, blue verified’s relaunch, and encrypted direct chats.

Twitter had a character limit for tweets, unlike other social media platforms where users could create lengthy articles. According to new information, Musk intends to expand the character limit.

Musk will raise the 280-character tweet cap to 4,000 characters.

In response to Musk’s post, a user going by the handle “Allan Obare” questioned whether Twitter intended to raise the character limit for messages. The character limit for tweets on Musk’s social media behemoth is now set at 280. But the user questioned Musk about whether it was being raised to 4,000.

Musk replied to the user’s tweet, confirming that the rumors about the character limit expansion are true. The increase in the character limit for tweets has been requested by several users for a long time. Musk has answered these requests, and it is finally coming. However, an estimated date for the launch of this feature has not been revealed yet.

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