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TRICKS: 7 Effective Marketing Strategies in 2023

Abigail Ukende
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The main reason why your marketing may not be performing as well as you would like it to, or even if it is, these 7 marketing strategies will guide you to an upgrade more sales from any business you are running.

1. You need a more realistic Expectation: marketing is just a business function like legal functions or Accounting. They requires Time, investment, reinvestment in order to work. A lot of people go into marketing With the wrong expectations. They think they’ll just go into it and After a few month, they are all made, rich and powerful, I really wish that was the case Aswell. There are tons of guys on social media lying on how easy it is to make sales and be a million dollar rich in 6months and that contributes to the false expectations a lot of people have while going into the marketing field. So start from realizing and diluting the fact that; it will take time, looses and consistency.

2. The minimum effect dose : you’ve not given your Engagers or prospects Enough dose or a subsequent reason to patronize you yet. There is not enough engagement or traffic to make it grow. You need to do more and this is where A lot of business collapses. 90% of businesses do not make it pass this stage. They simply get fed up and Quit. A lot of people are half committed and need a full result. If you fall under this stage? What you should do Is drive more traffic and be more fired and determined to walk your business to the next stage.

3. The sweet spot: this is the stage of fulfillment. Where you go from making 2 posts a day to 5posts , from making 1 YouTube video a week to making 2 YouTube videos everyday. At this point money begins to come in. You fully understand What it means to win because you have worked hard.

4. Diminishing returns: Anyone who is a business personnel understands this. At this stage it feels like your efforts do not pay anymore. It will almost feel like your business is being bewitched. Your investment and Advertisements keep going down. The best thing to do here is to be more strategic and look for new ways of business marketing. Try new Marketing strategies because reasons might be you need something new.

5. Target of ideal prospects: who you Advertise to matters A lot. If you are selling a product worth $500 U.S dollars you have no business Advertising it to a 14 year old teenager. You might as well be wasting your time. Know your Targeted “ prospects” and know where to find them. Your profits only comes from people who can Afford your products and finding them should be your top priority. Find where the presence of your ideal prospects are and show up with value, content and offer consistently.

6. The Mental hack: this is a psychological phenomenal. The more you show up consistently the more they learn to trust you subconsciously and people will patronize only who they trust completely. All of that day to day programming and evaluation is going to eventually lead to trust because when we see things day by day we naturally begin to like it more. We are familiar with them and it becomes less scary.

7. Be a honest and trustworthy person: make sure your product does exactly what it says. Above anything else Do not mislead your prospects and the public. you will get more purchases if you’re a liable and Trustworthy brand. You’ll get recommendations and referrals from your customers to other people.








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