The second largest movie industry in the world; Nollywood, set to take the world by storm in the coming years

Films shape our lives in a way no other work of Art do. Two of the world’s most extensive industry are Hollywood and Bollywood which represents America and India Respectfully .

Right in between these heavy hitters comes another industry which seems to be creating silently but making sure it has an impact.

An industry that produces an insane number of films every year, an annual output of nearly 2,500 films, Nigeria’s Nollywood is the world’s second-largest film industry, right behind India’s Bollywood.

Facts: Nollywood doesn’t produce money As much as Bollywood or Hollywood. is depreciated due to the work of production and more limiting circumstances which includes; lack of adequate funds and other factors.

To put the financial impact of Nollywood on the socioeconomic landscape in proper perspective, we must consider the known fact that the Nigerian movie industry is currently ranked the second largest film industry globally with the financial value of the film industry put at over $6.4 billion as of 2021.20 Nov 2022

Why is Nigeria Nollywood more popular in Africa?

It’s because of the story. Showcase of African stories.” The stories told by Nigeria’s booming film industry, known as Nollywood, have emerged as a cultural phenomenon across Africa, the vanguard of the country’s growing influence across the continent. They relate the stories more with their everyday Life being displayed on Television.

The one factor that makes the Nollywood films Amazingly unique.

They show a mixture of melodrama often with the rural and urban communities inclusive but with a high infusion of animist and magical culture providing solutions to problems that wouldn’t crop up in a Hollywood drama.

A perfect example of one of these movies just talked about is the Nollywood Netflix trending movie currently; Shanty Town and many more to stream from.


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