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Trending: Nollywood Actor Yul Edochie is now an Evangelist

T.I Ukende
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I am now more closer to God, Yul Edochie reveals.
A nollywood actor and director Yul Edochie has said he is now more closer to his God than he was before. This is coming almost three months after he had a fatal accident that could have claimed his life. The second son of the veteran movie star,  Chief Pete Edochie recounted the accident scenario saying God has actually given him a second chance to live.

He said the accident i had on on the 6th day of june has actually made me discover my true calling which is to win souls to God. His words;
 “I have never been closer to God like i am now since i had a very fatal accident that could have claimed my life earlier this year. My pathfinder SUV damaged beyond repair but i am thankful to my Creator because i am still alive. I was on my way to the East at a speed of about 100-120km/hr and suddenly the car lost control the next thing was just Gods grace”.
Yul said i am also thankful to God for the Edochie’s family because my brother Leo Edochie has recently been Elected President of the Port Harcourt Polo club. He went on to encourage the youths saying the best way to live in Nigeria is to hustle on your own, discover your talent, nurture it and then make money from it.

“I remember my experience in 2005 how i used to beg some of my father’s colleagues to introduce me to Producers,  nothing worked out until i went to the producers myself and begged to be featured even for free so i can showcase my ability.”

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