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Top four Secret to unstoppable confidence in business and life

Abigail Ukende
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Secret to unstoppable confidence in business and life.

When that confidence is down, you don’t go After businesses!

When your confidence Is down you do not go After money!

You do not start that website you’ve always wanted to?

Do you go up to your boss and ask for a promotion? The Answer is: No

With all the opportunities that exits today why haven’t you reached the next level of income in life and in wealth? In most cases we’ve be misled. We’ve been told that if you find the right opportunities and work hard you can be successful and that’s all it takes and that’s a lie.

Millionaires, billionaires and generally, successful people have realized that you need a foundation for wealth and that foundation is a solid foundation of self confidence.

Have you ever seen a shy billionaire? Most time we are the person we define ourselves to be. What’s your definition of you?

Today I want to talk about confidence. We should talk about self confidence more often because your success solely depends on it .

Your zeal for a good business, outstanding brand and the CEO of your ideal company will never be a reality without confidence. Listen to me, non of these things will ever happen without confidence.

I want you to think about the things that steals your confidence.

When you are down on confidence do you make smart decisions ? Answer is No . Nothing good can come out of lack of confidence in oneself. When your confidence is down Automatically you begin to Accept less than what you Actually deserve.

  • Your job is not horrible but it doesn’t mean it’s Enough.
  • That partner isn’t so bad but it doesn’t change the fact that you deserve more.

If you want to get out of that level you need to protect your confidence by any major or form.

What are the Things that deem your confidence?

1. Toxic people and the things they do: Avoid toxic people and toxic thing by every means. Whatever or whoever makes you feel 50% should be thrown into the trash. You are a 100 and 99 is not enough and that’s period. Anything against your confidence is on bye-bye see you never “mode”

2. The things you watch, listen to on your phone, on Television or radio. Is it building your confidence or breaking it? That thing you see on social media is totally false. That’s fake life. What you should watch or see on Your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook , your television are the Things that makes you nothing but happy.

3. The wrong Friends: stop being with people who laugh at your dreams for being too big. Friends who will call you a dreamer and word slam your visions. Change your circle. A dreamer should only have a dreamer friend. You have no business being friends with people who don’t believe in you and infact make you doubt your own self. They Advise you to forget your dreams and be ordinary Like them they give you nothing but bad advises and bad advises will definitely deem your confidence. Such people should be pushed aside and if by any chance they are your family members who can’t be pushed Aside completely? Set boundaries and find a way to n let their words never to get to you.

4. Do not work on your weaknesses: yes! I said what I said and you’re probably wondering, What the heck?do not work on your weaknesses instead get more Amazing at what you’re good at. Instead of working on your weakness focus on your strength. Focus on the things that makes you thrive and be Alive and trust me this will boost your confidence up and everything else starts to get easy.

You do not see it like a problem anymore you look at it like a challenge.

You walk into the meeting to ask for promotion, the raise , the partnership and you don’t feel like: oh my God ,will this work? Instead you will be like; I got this. Your physiology changes, your ideology changes.

You look more beautiful when you’re confident. You glow and you are more loved and respected when you are confident.

Call to Action: start doing these Things. You’re enough..Don’t be inspired, Do it.

Be the best version of yourself. I believe in you , you should do the same.






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