FACTS: Top nine harsh truths about Affiliate marketing in 2023

Because it’s 2023 and a new year, you either don’t have a job or you despised it, so you search online. And you do realize that Google knows all there is to know? and somewhere about 900 ways to generate money online was mentioned by someone you didn’t know. “Affiliate marketing” is mentioned in the list, and all the bloggers promised you would start earning $100 per day within the next 30 to 90 days because it is simple. However, six months later, you are still being pursued in an effort to earn your first commission.

You will learn the Harsh Truth about affiliate marketing in this article, allowing you to enter the game with extremely reasonable expectations.

1. Lies: The majority of things you see people advertising are things they haven’t actually done; everything is a scheme. You won’t be able to copy and paste a video in a single day and create an empire from scratch. You won’t simply go to bed one night and then awaken in a mansion on Banana Island. using a Lexus car. Absolutely not Baby.

2. You need to know who you can trust: there’s a lot of lies going on in this circle which makes it even harder.

You never know what’s going on behind the scenes like how they invest of money to get money , the sleepless nights, looses and rough paths. All they show you is glamour while in reality they might be losing money or spending A lot of money.

3. Fake results: Edited results , taking other people’s result

4. Making more money from teaching Affiliate marketing: most Affiliates who teach Affiliate marketing make more money from touring and little money from the real Affiliate marketing. I’ve seen A lot of people come out to vent their Anger on how much they hate Affiliate marketing and I usually do not have anything to say to them because in this Generation people hate everything. I put 95% of my time and energy into Affiliate marketing and to every gold mine there are gold-diggers. Note: this is not a financial Advice in any way and it is not meant to discourage anyone. the sole purpose is to prepare people to face the reality about “Affiliate marketing” and expose the lies of some bad eggs in the system.

5. Most Affiliates fail and if you’re  going to be the Affiliate that doesn’t fail you’ve got to do more: You have be better. Be consistent, Do not put out Trashy contents just because you think you should put out content.

6.90% of the products are Trash: Alost unmarketable, low value. You must find a product that’s high value, marketable and will keep your prospects coming back.

This statics Is Either right or wrong but if you’ve been part of the Affiliate marketing society before, you know exactly what am talking about and that is : 5% of Affiliate marketers are making 95% of the money and 95% are making only 5% of the money. Am not asking you to fly out the window because of this statistics and say : I can’t do this because it’s too hard.instead am telling you so to encourage you to get your belt Tightened infact the 5% making this money are standing out , they are not doing what are the remaining 95% are doing. They made themselves unique and exceptional.

7. You are a tiny fish in a massive ocean: You’re competing with another 1million people who do the same thing, same product. Tell them why they should buy from you. how will buying from you better their lives? If you can’t find a way to be different or standout you’ll spend a lot of time with little or no results.

8. Traffic is everything: new Affiliates joins the system without knowing that traffic is everything. They think all that is needed is promotion of products . Traffic is the vast majority of what you will be doing as an Affiliate marketer. If you can master Traffic everything else will come easily for you. I hate to use the word EASY because: nothing comes easy in this game but if you can master Traffic My dear you will make good money!

9. You needs friends: the next thing I want you to know is how Alone you’ll feel when you’re probably doing this. You’re going to build this Empire online All Alone in a room in your house You may or may not get the support in your household. You’ll need to talk to someone at the early stages because you’ll feel confused and probably Sad: the early stages are the worst stages. You’ll need to Attend Events & interact with experience Affiliates to get through.




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