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The magician joker turns giant snake, making the judges panic in the American Got Talent Show 2023

Abigail Ukende
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It was going to be just another talent show until this small clown dressed in all black appeared. Despite the fact that he had a straight expression and was just starting to yank his hands together, in my opinion, he appeared to be incredibly frightening.

Everyone, including me, was waiting for the supposedly magical event till it actually occurred in front of our very eyes.

it . the appearance of lightning sprung from both of his hands, the audience erupted in a scream, and it was too real to be a deception. Using both of his hands, he clutched and controlled this lighter. On the stage, there came thunder and lightning, and then, guys, it started to rain all over him. This guy is who? The son of Odin, Thor?

I adjusted my chair and sat there in shock and horror, of course, as I knew that this man could definitely transform everyone into rats. Just when I thought I had seen it all, he started to manipulate the rain by transforming the raindrops into small water balls. I’m not joking, you guys; these balls were actually dancing like Michael Jackson in the air and again. With the wave of a single hand, the water in the balls turned back into balls and fell to the ground. Again, he appeared out of nowhere, and now everyone is crazy, even me.

He pulled out a pink sheet of clothes from his pocket that was at least two yards long, held it above his head, and started to shake it. Everyone’s eyes were fixed. You miss if you blink. I refrained from blinking. Ladies and gentlemen, he changed into a gaint snake, a thick, dark, and frightening snake, after the garment fell off after 20 seconds. To make a long story short, the judges were afraid of him and he once more changed into a man.

Watch the video below to more details 👇🏿👇🏿


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