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Swiffin faced with the second wave of terrible network outage

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The Economic Community of the 6th African Region ECO-6 has over the past three months faced with another wave of terrible network outage bothering on how to contain the numerous lumi beneficiaries on the swiffin platform.

The technical issues became necessary since the ECO-6’s authorities issued a press release notifying their counterparts to integrate lumi currency and it’s Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) to their national or regional economies.

However, Swiffin users has expressed dissatisfaction over their inability to access their accounts for the past three months.

Swiffin has recently answered an email disclosing to newsway that the outage is only to upgrade the platform to be able to contain the numerous users and currencies.

This could be as a result of the deadline issued by the ECO-6’s authorities giving hope to lumi beneficiaries of the soon to launch lumi exchange.

We (newsway) extol beneficiaries who have expressed dissatisfaction over the swiffin network outage to remain calm as this could is for their best interest.

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