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Swiffin explained why users are currently unable to login to their lumi accounts

The Swiffin digital company has given a detailed insight on why its lumi platform is unaccessible to users and lumi beneficiaries at the moment.

Users of the Swiffin platform have been posting comments on almost all lumi articles or blog posts written by newsway recently.

For the past six to seven months this year, Swiffin users and lumi beneficiaries have not been able to login to their lumi wallets.

The three popular platforms which were known by almost all lumi beneficiaries and other Swiffin users were the Swiffin App downloaded from the Google Play, the online sub-domain platforms accessible at and the

However, all the above mentioned platforms are no longer accessible at the moment but the technical support team of the company explained that users and lumi beneficiaries can still access their accounts despite the ongoing upgrades presently going on on all almost all it’s web platforms.

For those who read our previous posts about two weeks ago, we highlighted the various steps one can follow to view his or her lumi account at the moment.

For those who didn’t read our post you can still get it below 👇 this post in the related posts section below.[irp posts=”10642″ name=”How to login to Swiffin platform today, tips for beneficiaries”]

Swiffin has explained that, users are currently unable to login because of the upgrade the portals are presently undergoing. This is just what the company can do to give the website a stress-free page loading time.

Users can however follow the various steps highlighted in the post below to login to their lumi wallets 👇👇.[irp posts=”9756″ name=”How to login to the new upgraded Swiffin account and view Lumi balance”]

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