Stellar Network Successfully Completes Protocol 20 Upgrade and Mainnet Reset

In a historic moment for the Stellar network, the highly anticipated Protocol 20 upgrade has been successfully implemented, accompanied by a Mainnet reset. The multi-phased rollout, culminating in a clean slate for the network, marks a new era of enhanced capabilities and possibilities.

Smooth Phased Upgrade Rollout

V2 Roadmap Upgrade: The unveiling of the V2 roadmap for Protocol 20 has provided users with a clear understanding of the upgrade’s goals and timeline, setting the stage for subsequent phases.

Stellar Core Pre-Release (December 11th): Developers have eagerly embraced the pre-release version of Stellar Core, Horizon, and Soroban RPC/Stellar SDK versions, engaging in comprehensive testing and adaptation to align with the new protocol.

Mainnet Reset (December 18th, 5pm UTC): At the scheduled time, the Stellar Mainnet underwent a complete reset, erasing the existing ledger and commencing afresh with the upgraded Protocol 20 codebase.

Stellar Core Release (December 19th): Following the Mainnet reset, the final version of Stellar Core, along with updates to Horizon and Soroban RPC, has been released, fully integrating the functionalities of Protocol 20.

Mandatory Updates Ensure Network Compatibility

Stellar participants are reminded of the mandatory requirement to update their applications and services to the latest versions by January 30th, 2024. Failure to do so may result in disruptions and potential loss of functionality as the network evolves.

Exciting Enhancements from Protocol 20

Swift Transactions: The upgraded consensus mechanism and transaction validation processes have ushered in faster processing times, streamlining transactions across the network.

Robust Security Measures: Strengthened cryptographic algorithms and advanced features fortify the network against potential threats, ensuring a secure environment for users.

Optimized Scalability: The network’s architecture has been optimized to accommodate increased transaction volume and foster growth, enhancing scalability for future demands.

Innovative Features: Protocol 20 introduces captivating functionalities such as multi-sig accounts and atomic swaps, expanding the range of possibilities within the Stellar ecosystem.

Stellar Development Foundation’s Commitment to Transparency:

Throughout the upgrade process, the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) maintained its commitment to transparency. Detailed documentation, tutorials, and robust support channels were made available, facilitating a seamless transition for developers and users alike.

As Protocol 20 takes effect, the Stellar network is poised for a leap forward, promising heightened efficiency, fortified security, and innovative features. The successful implementation of this major upgrade positions Stellar at the forefront of decentralized finance, encouraging further adoption and catalyzing innovation within the blockchain space. Read Similar Story

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