Sidrabank Takes Steps to List Sidra Coin on Major Exchanges

Sidrabank, a cryptocurrency project, has announced plans to list its native token, Sidra coin (SDRA), on major cryptocurrency exchanges. The team recently tweeted,

“We are creating our own DEX (Launchpad), and we will also vote with the community on listing SDRA on other verified exchanges.”


Sidra Coin on Major Exchanges

This move is a significant step for Sidrabank, as it will make SDRA more accessible to a wider range of traders and investors. The team is currently in the process of selecting exchanges that meet their high standards for security, liquidity, and compliance.

Sidra Coin on Major Exchanges

In addition to listing SDRA on major exchanges, Sidrabank is also developing its own decentralized exchange (DEX). A DEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates without a central authority. This means that traders can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies directly with each other, without the need for an intermediary.

Sidrabank’s DEX is expected to launch in the near future. The DEX will allow traders to swap SDRA for other cryptocurrencies, as well as stake their SDRA to earn rewards.

The community will also have a say in which exchanges SDRA is listed on. Sidrabank will hold a vote to determine which exchanges meet the community’s needs.

The listing of SDRA on major exchanges and the launch of Sidrabank’s DEX are two major milestones for the project. These developments will help to make SDRA more accessible to a wider range of users and increase its liquidity.

About Sidrabank

Sidrabank is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that is building a suite of products and services to make it easier for people to use cryptocurrency.

Sidra Bank, the first cryptocurrency platform with a religious affiliation, is a platform for investing in digital assets. With Sidra Bank, the Muslim Community Will Engage in Digital Investment While Adhering to Moral Precepts. Though anybody can trade in digital assets on the platform, Muslims are more favored as the platform is built in conformity with Islamic teachings.

According to it’s white paper, Sidra Bank aims to create a currency trading platform using cutting-edge technology as an alternative to those found in other trading platforms, and offer options that are morally acceptable rather than illegal or dubious, like the Lever Financial, mortgage lending, borrowing, and other Islamic alternatives. Read More

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