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Satoshi Core (BTCs) Mining surpasses 50M App Downloads

Grace Owell
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According to a recent survey, over 10 million people have already actively participated in Satoshi BTCs (CORE) mining, which has over 50 million app installations worldwide.

According to statistics gathered from various websites, there are currently over 10 million active users, 400,000+ Core TestNet Addresses (tCORE), and more over 7 million successfully completed test transactions.

Out of the 525.6M CORE (BTCs) that will be distributed via this ground-breaking airdrop mechanism using the SATOSHI App Mining, 425M CORE (BTCs) are currently in circulation as of the time of this publishing. From now until December 12th, 2022, the 100M CORE needs to be dug.

For anyone who are still unsure of the correct math, here it is: Each BlockHeight generates 5k CORE every 10 minutes; every 1hr (6 blocks) generates 5000 x 6 (30k CORE); and every 624 (144 blocks) generates 30k x 24hrs (720k CORE). The 137 days from today (July 28) to December 12 will produce 720k x 137 = 98M+ CORE.

In the simplest calculations, everyone’s BlockHeight, Hashrate, NextBlock, Circulation, and HashGains always count the same, with the exception of MyHash, Contributed, MyMiners, MiningRate, and Assets. A total of 5000 CORE (BTCs) are distributed every ten minutes. Every miner who is currently active receives a portion of it; those with higher MyHash, Contributed, and MiningRate receive more CORE. Alongside that BTC Giveaway is the Mining Rate. As you can see, some miners have 0.0002, 0.005, 0.08, 0.1, and 0.12.

Future worldwide strategic planning for $CORE aims to decentralize it and give it a solid currency value, as this will improve people’s financial situations and mark an important milestone in the internationalization of encrypted and scalable digital assets.

Core is a blockchain technology that can be used independently. It is based on ecology and has a wealth of content and features. Numerous ecological projects will be implemented on this public network. Recognize that CORE (BTCs) is currently in the TestNet phase and cannot be withdrawn. But if you have at least 0.0002 BTC in your CORE mining account, you can withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) into any other cryptocurrency wallet.

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