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A glance at the Technical WhitePaper for the Satoshi Core (Part One)

A look at the Technical WhitePaper for the Satoshi Core Mining cryptocurrency project that @Coredao Org released on Discord the week prior.

Prior to the introduction of the Main Network (MainNet), the technical whitepaper for the satoshi core mining crypto project will provide a description of the operating needs, methods, and sustainability provisions.

In addition to creating Web3 infrastructure and supporting public chains on Bitcoin’s PoW, CoreDAO is the recognized decentralized organization working to promote the Satoshi Plus ecosystem.

You can observe that SatoshiBTCs is creating an autonomous Blockchain with reference to Web3 Infrastructure from the Abstract of the CORE Satoshi Technical Whitepaper. The key chain is called “Core,” and Satoshi Plus Consensus Algorithm will support numerous chains.Tweets from the CoreDAO says:

“We are not building a Bitcoin fork. We are building a standalone blockchain to ensure high performance. People will know that Bitcoin is more than a currency, but also a decentralized network which can support unlimited transactions based on our Satoshi Plus Consensus. Bitcoin will play a very important role in the societal structure of this digital city. People know that Bitcoin is not only a currency, but also a foundational governance layer that will serve as the foundation for the next chapter of digital currency innovation. Building a DAO, especially a public chain DAO, is like building a digital city. Our community members are our people, we share the digital city together, we create the digital city together, and we promote the digital city together.”


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